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Anahita was born from a deep passion for a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

The products you will find on the website have been carefully selected and tested over years of research aimed at finding the best sustainable and cruelty free green brands.

The criteria of my research are mainly based on the INCI, which must be clear and understandable, on brands that prioritize respect for animals, people and the environment.

Too many ingredients harmful to our bodies, the environment and animals are, unfortunately, still very much present in traditional cosmetics.

The cosmetics selected by Anahita come from small businesses, often founded and run by women, who produce in limited quantities using the best organic, natural and fresh ingredients combined with today’s best technologies.

Anahita will accompany you in choosing the products that best suit your needs, help you create a clean and effective skincare routine without neglecting the pleasure of aromas, texture, and packaging.

My intention is to spread a more sustainable lifestyle, I wanted to create a space where you can choose high quality, safe and clean skin, hair and body care products. A space where you will find tips and advices, not only on beauty, but also on lifestyle, general well-being and critical issues that women encounter at different stages of their lives.

I wish to help people choose the right skincare routine in accordance with their skin and hair peculiarities and needs.

It will be my care to guide people to new and good habits in their daily life.



I have always been a true “beauty nerd” and have long dreamed of working in the beauty industry.

Therefore, I would like to put all the knowledge I have acquired over many years of passionate research to good use.

More and more people are aware of the chemicals used in many cosmetic products, and interest in organic beauty products is growing significantly.

Today we are also more aware of how precious, and to be preserved, the environment of our planet is. Many people are now more interested and concerned about the state of our oceans, rivers, forests, and the lives and dignity of animals and humans.

I believe that a greener attitude is the only chance we have to ensure a peaceful future for us and all living beings on the Planet, which is why I want to promote brands that are as clean and sustainable as possible.

Anahita is my dream come true.