Intensive Hand Repair Cream – 3,38oz

Ama Intensive Repairing Hand Cream is a true hand treatment with a soft and luxurious texture.
A nourishing formula for the skin of the hands, effective against dryness and dehydration. Ama has important repairing virtues thanks to its precious ingredients: organic Aloe Vera gel, Marigold and Chamomile extracts, organic Argan, Apricot and Almond oils with highly nourishing properties. Organic Lavender hydrosol has a calming and restorative action while purifying and soothing the skin area of the hands, while Vegetable Glycerin and natural emulsifiers complement the protective and emollient qualities. It has a rich texture and is easy to apply. Organic essential oils of Kumquat, Red Tangerine, Sandalwood, Neroli and Pink Pepper may make you fall in love with your hands. Ama will leave the skin of your hands nourished, protected and rehydrated.

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Apply to slightly damp skin after hand washing or showering, gently massaging into the skin until the cream is absorbed. Leave on 1-2 minutes until Ama is completely absorbed into the skin.

Ama is indicated for all hands in need of care and pampering.

Lavender hydrolat*, cold-pressed apricot oil*, cold-pressed argan oil*, cold-pressed almond oil*, cold-pressed jojoba oil*, native aloe vera gel*, calendula oil*, beeswax, rose hip CO2 extract*, german chamomile CO2 extract, calendula CO2 extract, cetyl alcohol, sucrose stearate, aromatherapy of kumquat fruit*, red mandarin*, sandalwood*, neroli* and pink
*certified organic ingredients


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