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The power of…

We all love a nice, cool slice of watermelon on these very hot summer days.
I think I am not wrong in saying that watermelon, with its shape and bright colors, is the very symbol of summer.
This fruit has its roots in Africa, more specifically in the Kalahari desert area where local people used it as a real water supply for the driest seasons. They also dried and roasted its seeds, which were thus consumed.
Over time watermelon travels the world, changing colors and flavors until it becomes the delicious, juicy fruit we can enjoy today.

Watermelon flesh is super hydrating for the body and the skin, it is rich in vitamins A, C and E, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium and is also an excellent source of carotenoids, including lycopene well known for its powerful antioxidant qualities. (If you want to know more about antioxidants read: A new (good) habit to try)

So far it is well understood then that, a nice juicy slice of watermelon, is not only thirst-quenching, refreshing and cheerful but also provides invaluable phytonutrients that fight oxidative stress, inflammation and promote collagen formation. So every skin type benefits from consuming this fruit but, most interestingly, is the power packed into its small black seeds.
The seeds are dried, to reduce the watery part, and then cold-pressed. The resulting oil, also known as ootanga oil or Kalahari oil, is a warm yellow/orange color reminiscent of the sun.
Watermelon seed oil is a true panacea for all skin types because of its many beneficial effects.
As a noncomedogenic oil, it does not promote the formation of blackheads, and is therefore suitable for keeping excess sebum production in combination and oily skin under control, while its anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated and acne-prone skin.
Watermelon oil, like its pulp, is also rich in valuable lycopene, which provides skin cells with strong antioxidant action by preventing the skin from being attacked by free radicals and oxidizing agents in the environment. Free radicals and UV radiation are the main causes of accelerated skin aging.
Regular use of this oil helps counteract the formation of wrinkles, it deeply moisturizes the skin giving it a velvety texture.
Watermelon seed oil protects the skin against hyperpigmentation and helps minimize blemishes already present on facial skin.
Vitamins A and C stimulate collagen production, giving the skin an exceptional “glow” effect.

It is no coincidence then that this precious oil, which has been used for centuries for the beauty and health of skin and hair, is also known as: “rejuvenating oil.”

Freely enjoy a slice, or more, of this delicious fruit (did I mention it has a very low caloric intake?) and when you see its tiny seeds remember to never underestimate the power of small things.