Green Ceremony Cleanser



The highest quality Matcha Tea and organic Spirulina powder, both rich in powerful antioxidants, help maintain youthful, radiant skin.
The high Chlorophyll content generally improves the appearance of facial skin, sweeping away dead cells and pollutants.
The soft lather, derived from Coconut, respects the skin’s delicate hydrolipid barrier, leaving skin fresh and radiant.

Green Ceremony Cleanser is inspired by the four founding principles of the Japanese tea ceremony: Purity, Respect, Harmony and Tranquility.

Purity: Chlorophyll significantly improves the appearance of skin prone to pimples and blemishes and brings radiance to dull, tired skin.

Respect: the soft Coconut-based lather respects the skin’s balance, leaving it soft and clean.

Harmony: the precious ingredients work in synergy to purify the skin without damaging it.

Tranquility: a true beauty ritual that will help you relax and reconnect with yourself.

Matcha Tea gives this product an herbaceous scent while Spirulina adds an oceanic touch.

The package contains one scoop and a very practical muslin.

All skin types that need to unlock a fresh and more luminous glow, particularly dull/tired complexions ​& skin prone to blemishes.

Sodium Cocyl Isethionate [Baby Foam], Sodium Bicarbonate [Food Grade Baking Soda], Honey, Fructose & Maltodextrin [Honey] powder, Citric Acid, Camellia Sinensis [Premium Grade Matcha] Leaf Powder, Spirulina Platensis [Spirulina*] Powder, Aloe Barbadensis [Aloe Vera*] Powder | *Organic


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