Purifying and Balancing Face Mist – 3,38oz

A fresh BALANCE for facial skin.
Created for combination skin, Balance offers intense hydration and a soft astringent effect, but most importantly, soothing and balancing. The hydrosol synergy of Green Myrtle, Laurel, Rosemary and Lavender create a delightful response to the needs of combination and oily skin, helping to regulate the balance of the skin’s natural barrier. Balance Aromatherapy is like a Mediterranean island breeze, giving freshness and revitalizing the tired or stressed mind.

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Spray onto cleansed face morning and evening

Combination, oily and pimple- and acne-prone skin.

Close your eyes, spray the floral water on your perfectly cleansed face. Breathe in the aroma of Mediterranean gardens, relax for a few seconds and enjoy the stimulating energy!

Green myrtle hydrosol*, bay laurel hydrosol*, wild lavender*Certified organic ingredients


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