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A new (good) habit to try

Have you already heard about the many, beneficial properties of celery juice?
If you are still not familiar with it, it is time to learn more about it.
Fresh celery juice is known as “medical medium” for good reasons, in fact the juice of this vegetable is rich in antioxidants and brings countless benefits to our body, skin and hair.
Here we will delve into the beauty benefits of this food.

What are “antioxidants”?

Antioxidants are natural chemical compounds well known for their ability to protect cells against the harmful effect of free radicals, which damage cells speeding up the aging process.
Antioxidants are found in a large number of vegetables, fruits and algae: celery contains as many as 12 different antioxidants.

A glass of fresh celery juice is also rich in vitamins and minerals including Vitamins K, C and A, Folate and Potassium.

The best way to absorb all the micronutrients in this juice is in the morning on an empty stomach. If consumed consistently, you will notice an improvement at the level of the skin, which, thanks to the detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties of this juice, will be cleaner.
The skin will be more hydrated thanks to the high percentage of water contained in the juice.
The hair will also benefit from this healthy habit in fact, antioxidants protect the scalp from free radicals and vitamin K keeps the follicles healthy increasing hair strength and growth.

Fresh celery juice is a mood stabilizer making it especially good during PMS and menopause.

Perhaps not everyone likes the taste of celery, in which case you can add a piece of apple
and/or cucumber to make it sweeter but still keeping celery as the major ingredient.
Make your own juice using both the leaves and stems of celery preferably organic and using a slow juicer order to keep the nutritional properties intact as much as possible.

In short, supplementing your skincare routine by taking fresh celery juice is definitely a good habit to try.