Revitalize dry skin / Deeply nourishing / Restore elasticity – 1,7oz

VELVET is a moisturizing and nourishing face cream rich in minerals and powerful antioxidants indicated for dry, dehydrated and mature skin.
This galenic cream gently restores elasticity and revitalizes facial skin, giving it a fresh, natural appearance.
Velvet’s original formulation is rich in exceptionally nourishing organic ingredients.
Velvet offers antioxidant protection against free radicals or adverse weather conditions.
Raspberry Seed Oil lightens skin blemishes caused by sun exposure and soothes sensitive and irritated skin.
This precious Oil is rich in Vitamins C and E, Omega 3 and Omega 6, which provide the skin with powerful antioxidant and emollient action. Raspberry Seed Oil also protects the skin from atmospheric agents such as sun and wind.
Baobab Oil has pro-aging, antioxidant, emollient and smoothing properties and also promotes skin tissue regeneration.
Baobab Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, such as Oleic Acid and Linolenic Acid, and vitamins C – A and E, which provide the skin with excellent pro-ageing and antioxidant action.
Chamomile Oil provides a calming and soothing action.
Velvet’s delicate aroma helps relax the mind while its velvety texture leaves skin feeling fresh, moisturized and smooth.

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Apply Velvet morning and evening on perfectly cleansed face, neck and décolleté.

Dry, dehydrated, tired, mature skin.

Apply the cream after cleansing. Gently massage the face with your fingertips. Use simple, circular, upward strokes. The gentle massage helps to relax and release facial tension, resulting in soft, fresh, perfectly protected and delicately scented skin.

wild lavender hydrosol*, extra-virgin coconut oil*, cold-pressed argan oil*, cold-pressed jojoba oil*, cold-pressed baobab oil*, raspberry seed oil*, beeswax, cetyl alcohol, wild lavender* and german chamomile* essential oils, vegetable glycerin, grapefruit seed extract
*certified organic ingredient


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