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The art of “cocooning”

Here we are: January! Holidays are over, the weather is cold and we need some good “cocooning” time.

This is the right time to reset our system and our skin. We might have indulged in food and drinks during the festive days and now we can experience a general sense of bloatiness and dry skin.
Let’s keep faith to our new year’s resolutions and start 2024 with a cleaner and lighter diet to help our body regenerating from the inside.
Yes to fresh veggies juices, celery is a good option to clean up and remineralize the system. Fennel, eaten raw or in juices, helps to get rid of bloatiness. Citrus are a very good source of vitamin C that helps to prevent seasonal ailments and gives glow to our skin.
Opt for steamed seasonal veggies with whole grains and pulses: a nice dressing to drizzle over veggies can be a life changer. My favorite dressing always includes fresh lemon juice: from the most quick and easy lemon-evoo-tamari to lemon-tahini-garlic which is creamy and very satisfying (my favorite!).
In the evening choose a “cocooning” soup: it will warm you up and it will give hydration to your body.

Speaking of hydration: do you drink enough water? In the cold weather it’s easy to forget to drink water but heaters, wind and extreme cold are dehydrating factors for the body and the skin. So keep your water bottle on your desk, in your bag, in your car.. and sip plenty of water during the day.

It is very important to protect our skin from the elements with the right products, to avoid the water loss. Le Blue Balm by Odacité is the perfect place to start, its pleasant melting texture, its relaxing aroma and the precious ingredients make it the perfect “cocooning” face treatment. Le Blue Balm is rich but not greasy or heavy: it completely melts into the skin leaving it hydrated, nourished, plumped and smooth in addiction blue camomile soothes inflamed skin.
It’s a multi purpose product, in fact, you can use it on your lips, cuticles and on rough areas of the skin.
You can add to Le Blue Balm 2-3 drops of Mo+P concentrated oil serum to give an extra boost of hydration to your complexion or 2-3 drops of Pe+C concentrated oil serum if your skin is mixed or oily prone, both by Odacté.

Atinge Organic’s Velvet Cream fully falls in the category of the “cocooning” treatments.
Velvet it’s a rich cream for dry and dehydrated skin. Its velvety texture gives nourishment to stressed complexion and it’s the perfect protection against the cold weather.
This cream is packed with powerful ingredients such as raspberry oil with its antioxidant property, plant based squalene which is a great humectant, baobab oil rich in vitamins C-A-E and camomile extract to soothe irritation.
Velvet’s natural and delicate aroma is reminiscent of flowery meadows and has a gentle “cocooning” action.