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Elevate is a formula created to energize and crystallize mental space, particularly indicated in times of frustration, indecision and physical fatigue.
The fresh, woody scent of Cypress essential oil facilitates a firm, calm demeanor. Cypress is also purifying, protective and revitalizing.
Coriander essential oil has stimulating and relaxing properties at the same time, a combination that stimulates creativity.
Copaiba essential oil has anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties also, thanks to its adaptogenic action, gives a deep sense of general well-being while Lime essential oil has beneficial revitalizing properties. With its fresh and pungent aroma, Lime gives an optimistic smile to those who feel tired and have lost the will to do.

Elevate is dedicated to those who study or work with their intellect for long hours. Elevate brings calmness, confidence and clairvoyance.

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Roll on to the wrists and temples massaging gently, pass a little oil on the palms and inhale while cupping the hands.
Use Elevate whenever you feel the need or desire.

Fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of cypress*, copaiba*, lime* and coriander*, vitamin E.
*Certified organic ingredients.


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