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Embrace is an aromatherapy blend to bring compassion, tenderness and unconditional love for self and all beings.
Rock Rose (Cistus) essential oil has been known and used since ancient Greek times. In fact, it is said that this flower, was an element of contention among the Olympian Gods who considered it ideal for healing the wounds of warriors in battle while the Goddesses considered it more suitable for the beauty of skin and hair. Not finding agreement, the Gods and Goddesses decided that the Rock Rose would be the only plant with dual properties: for wounded skin care and for skin beauty care. This oil gives warmth and helps to find one’s own center, it is in fact used in Aromatherapy as a remedy for those who feel inwardly dead and those who suffer from emotional coldness.
Damask Rose has often been called the “queen of flowers,” and many aromatherapists believe it is the plant with the highest vibrational frequency. Its qualities help women express their femininity and sexuality.
Patchouli essential oil supports those who are overly rational and helps them reconnect with their sensual side.

Embrace is recommended for those seeking emotional comfort and a way to reconnect with their bodies.

NOTE: Embrace is the bestseller in Atinge’s Aromatherapy Collection.

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Roll on over the wrists and temples massaging gently, pass little oil on the palms and inhale while cupping the hands.
Use Embrace whenever you feel the need or desire.

Fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of cistus*, bergamot*, damask rose* and patchouli*, vitamin E.
*Certified organic ingredients.


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