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Find the upbeat spirit of celebration in the composition of Jubilé
Orange essential oil is energizing and gives cheerfulness, in fact it is also known in Aromatherapy as the “smiling oil”.
Basil essential oil is a subtle physical guard and its gentle antidepressant and tonic effects work best for those who have long suffered from physical fatigue.
Ocotea essential oil has natural purifying properties and its complex aroma gives a pleasant feeling of accomplishment.
Vanilla essential oil, in addition to adding a sweet note to this blend, has an antidepressant effect.
Lime and Cedar essential oils bring stability and self-confidence.
Copaiba essential oil acts on the nervous system by reducing anxiety and stress.

Jubilé recommended for those who want to bring joy, creativity and enthusiasm back into their lives.

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Roll on over the wrists and temples massaging gently, pass a little oil over the palms and inhale while cupping the hands.
Use Jubilé whenever you feel the need or desire.

Fractionated coconut oil, aromatherapy essential oils of orange*, basil*, lime*, ocotea*, cedar*, vanilla* and copaiba*, vitamin E.
*Certified organic ingredients.


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