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HOT is a blend of fine essential oils in fractionated coconut oil. An invigorating blend that gives warmth, invigorating and fortifying the mind
Cardamom essential oil, in addition to being an exceptional tonic, inspires courage and improves mood.
Cinnamon essential oil restores zest for life and warms the mind and body.
Ginger and Clove essential oils help ward off melancholy and are extremely helpful against seasonal discomforts.
Patchouli essential oil gives a sense of intimacy with oneself by promoting the connection between mind and body, it also has a stimulating action that is very useful in cases of mental torpor.

Hot is recommended for those who need to revitalize the body and mind; those who want to fight fatigue and those who seek emotional balance.

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Roll on over the wrists and temples massaging gently, rub little oil into the palms and inhale while cupping the hands.
Use Hot whenever you feel the need or desire

Fractionated coconut oil, aromatherapy essential oils of cinnamon*, cardamom*, ginger*, clove* and patchouli*, vitamin E.
*Certified organic ingredients.


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