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Temple’s aromatherapy blend brings mental clarity, induce meditation, purifies and calms the mind.
Chrysma oil gives peace and tranquility and is one of the oils most associated with spirituality.
Copaiba essential oil has anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties and, due to its adaptogenic action, gives a deep sense of general well-being.
Sage and Sweet Marjoram essential oils confer emotional stability, helping the mind to focus better.
Sandalwood essential oil, in addition to giving this blend a fabulous oriental aroma, facilitates spiritual practices-in fact, it has been used for centuries as an aromatic essence for meditation.

Temple is particularly suitable for those engaged in spiritual practices, in fact this blend can easily be considered the most suitable for meditation and yoga practice.

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Roll on to the wrists and temples massaging gently, pass a little oil on the palms and inhale while cupping the hands.
Use Temple whenever you feel the need or desire.

Fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of copaiba*, sandalwood*, frankincense*, chrism*, marjoram* and sage*, vitamin E.
*Certified organic ingredients.


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